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😳 Just found out our building is upgrading the included internet service to 1 gigabit up and down next week. Starting a list of large things I can download really fast just because.

Saw a full-grown human being playing Fish Tic Tac Toe on their in-flight screen for two hours.

Okay after 10 minutes of use with very tempered expectations, I'm legit impressed by the Affinity Publisher beta. It's a bit buggy, as expected, but looks promising:

I'm very disappointed in Mastodon tonight, and earlier today while I was mowing my lawn I was thinking about ways to move users to smaller instances and give them better information about which instance to choose.

Perhaps numbers or users on a given instance shouldn't be shown - I picked this instance because I didn't know what I was doing, didn't know the culture, and lacked imagination, and it's fair to assume that other people who've never used Mastodon will be just as ignorant of it.

I work at Panic. We are publishing our second game after Firewatch. It's called Untitled Goose Game, and it's made by House House. You get to play a horrible goose!

I've been waiting in anticipation for these Design & Content Conference talks to be released since I attended. Some of the best talks I've ever seen at one event. I highly recommend watching the entire collection:

It’s not data ethics, it’s ethics.

It’s not data privacy, it’s privacy.

It’s not digital rights, it’s human rights in the digital/networked age.

Let’s make sure we keep the focus on what’s important and not allow well-understood terms, concepts, and existing rights to be redefined by those with vested interests in clouding* the conversation and eroding our human rights by backdooring in a new set of lesser rights for the digital/networked aspects of our selves.

* See what I did there? 😛

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