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Interesting thread about the security / abuse vulnerabilities that are inherent to federated platforms like Mastodon.

Hey heads up my Keybase identity broke… so uh. I dunno. Careful out there?

One thing I did not expect (but totally should've) from a collaborative playlist on Spotify, was that a dozen "artists" would find it and add their own terrible tracks to it.

From birdsite 

β€œIt’s like I’ve moved to a new town where nobody knows me, but everyone is looking to make new friends.”

The final quote of this Wired article sums it up perfectly.

Our DM made us plaques for our 50th session. The Golden Tree Inn is our in-game venture. Though it was being extorted by a gang of Orcs, so it’s sadly closed for the season.

So my pal just grabbed me a ticket to a Strung Out show. And it's for the 20th anniversary of Twisted By Design. And they're playing the whole album. And my teenage self is having heart palpitations.

Just as a heads-up, don’t use PMs/DMs on Mastodon, and if you have to never share any private information.

Admins of sending and receiving instances can read those, as there is no end-to-end encryption. Even if you trust the admins, instance ownership could change or hackers or government could get in.

Use different tools designed specifically for this.

Mamma Mia! Look what our editor, Marshall, found behind a wall in his grandma's house last week.

General request: if you post pictures, please please include alt text describing the image so that everyone, regardless of visual ability, can enjoy your toot.

Please consider asking others to do this. Optionally, reconsider boosting toots if they don't have alt text.

We all have an opportunity to help shape the culture of this place and I'd love, love, love if it were "oh, everyone posts alt text with their images because that's just what you do."

Enjoying my new home. This feels better.

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