I’m going to be on a panel about fuck ups… which I happen to be very experienced in: meetup.com/Vancouver-Digital-P

I’ve been on this website for way too goddamn long.

These woke advertisements are amazing. They gonna sell so many disposable razors, you could fill an ocean.

Watching Bird Box. Netflix 100% fed an AI the book and had it algorithmically generate a script. This is The Happening, but less entertaining.

Netflix is getting shittier in almost every way, right? It’s not just me? The titles, the UI itself…feels like it’s all kind of declining.

Convinced that Lookalikes on Netflix is a surreal masterpiece. It’s a simulation in a simulation inside of our own cultural simulacra. And it might be the most real thing ever.

Yeah yeah, you don’t need a framework for CSS Grid. But what about functional css grid classes? Anyone got any good examples?

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