Just ate McDonald’s Fish n’ Chips followed by a Filet-O-Fish. AMA.

Full review after my recovery.

I came in expecting that it would be like the patty of a Filet, but it’s more like a Chicken McNugget filled with fish, and the fish can not handle it.

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The delicate fish flavour made me realize how much the thicker, dryer batter overwhelmingly tastes like burnt nuts. I felt the moisture drain from my mouth with every bite, and my soul with every swallow.

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In the name of science, I also ate a Filet-O-Fish. It confirmed why I love it so much… the soft, sweet, stick-to-your-teeth bun, the 1.5 slices of American cheese, the light, moist batter, and the perfect tarter-to-fish proportions. It’s the perfect fast-food sandwich.

I am now in extraordinary pain, sitting at my desk, sweating profusely as a war of fish wages in my digestive tract. At this point, I can only hope they leave the battlefield in peace.

End review.

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