So we’re okay with individual billionaires controlling where society’s wealth is distributed as long as they’re benevolent? Cool.

More importantly, I can incorporate other wild ideas from completely different interests, like education theory, music, economics, accounting, media criticism, etc. Give yourself over to your inputs and figure out weird ways to channel 'em. That's what being a generalist is.

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I still consider myself a proud generalist with an even wider range of interests. If I listened to those jackasses, I'd never be running an education company where I get to help design curriculum, print materials, a website, learning platform, and a service.

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This goes beyond just UX. When I started in this industry in like 2001, I was interested in HTML, magazines, web design, logo design, media. The worst advice I’d consistently get from CDs and managers was to specialize.

I am now in extraordinary pain, sitting at my desk, sweating profusely as a war of fish wages in my digestive tract. At this point, I can only hope they leave the battlefield in peace.

End review.

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In the name of science, I also ate a Filet-O-Fish. It confirmed why I love it so much… the soft, sweet, stick-to-your-teeth bun, the 1.5 slices of American cheese, the light, moist batter, and the perfect tarter-to-fish proportions. It’s the perfect fast-food sandwich.

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The delicate fish flavour made me realize how much the thicker, dryer batter overwhelmingly tastes like burnt nuts. I felt the moisture drain from my mouth with every bite, and my soul with every swallow.

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I came in expecting that it would be like the patty of a Filet, but it’s more like a Chicken McNugget filled with fish, and the fish can not handle it.

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Just ate McDonald’s Fish n’ Chips followed by a Filet-O-Fish. AMA.

Full review after my recovery.

Facebook Secret Crush? More like Fashley Madison.

Your Marvel superhero name is:
Your first job + Your first pet’s name + The colour of your first car + Your maternal grandmother’s maiden name + Your favourite movie + Your social insurance number + the CVV on the last credit card you received in the mail

These woke advertisements are amazing. They gonna sell so many disposable razors, you could fill an ocean.

Watching Bird Box. Netflix 100% fed an AI the book and had it algorithmically generate a script. This is The Happening, but less entertaining.

Netflix is getting shittier in almost every way, right? It’s not just me? The titles, the UI itself…feels like it’s all kind of declining.

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